Personal car leasing for private motorists and those opting out of the company car scheme with a cash 4 car allowance.

Top company car leasing deals plus great van and pickup truck lease offers.


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I spoke to Jason from Lease World and he was so helpful in advising my son and I about leasing
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Lease world are the first leasing company I have used and i have been very happy with the service that
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Personal & Company Car Leasing


Lease Cars and Commercial Vehicle Contract Hire and Leasing

We specialise in leasing by matching most competitive suppliers with the cheapest finance company.  To save you money we may purchase the vehicle from Inverness and use a finance company in Cornwall.  We do this to ensure that OUR customers get the best and cheapest lease deal together with great service. Prices are always changing.  Always request a written lease quotation.


Car Leasing Options

There are many types of finance which all share the heading leasing however the lease will normally fall into one of the following categories – Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Finance Lease, Contract Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP). With Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire (PCH) there is no guaranteed future value (balloon).  At the end of the lease you have the option to renew or replace the leased vehicle.  In addition you normally have the option to purchase or extend the lease. With Contract Hire additional facilities such as Full Maintenance can be bolted on as well as replacement vehicle, breakdown cover and gap insurance. Contract Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase are similar to Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire with one key difference. At the start of the lease the finance company will set a guaranteed future value (GFV) or Balloon.

This price is payable to purchase the leased vehicle and to take ownership of the vehicle.

With Hire Purchase you are funding the total vehicle cost rather than the difference of the vehicle cost and the residual value. Lease Purchase is somewhat similar to a Contract Purchase arrangement however with no return policy so at the end of the lease the leasor must pay the balloon payment and take owner ship of the vehicle. Lease Purchase is fairly uncommon these days. The large majority of the leases we sell tend to be Contract Hire as well as Personal Contract Hire. This is because these finance methods tend to offer the cheapest monthly payment. For those opting out of the company car leasing scheme both Personal Contract Hire and Personal Contract Purchase are most popular.

Other types of leasing we offer

As well as personal and business car and van leasing we also offer 1-6 month car and van hire  this is only for UK residents so not suitable for workers in the UK on a work permit.  As a whole this is best suited to business users. Driving school leasing is available from a selection of the best leasing companies that specialise in dual control driving school cars.  Furthermore we are able to offer with just one payment in advance if required. Another key service we offer is Short term vehicle leasing.  Car and van leasing for lease durations in general varying from 6 to 18 months and in particular well suited to contact workers.