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Get a new car for your spouse - it'll be a great trade!

At Lease World we believe to be successful you must offer a great service, offer a competitive price and always be available to assist quickly and efficiently.  We understand people are wary of arranging finance and leasing online which is why we share our customer feedback to offer peace of mind.

Lease World is family run independent business and to us every order is gratefully received.

Jason – Is on the end of the  phone and calculates your lease quotations and processes orders.

Claire – Sorts out all Advertising and Marketing offline.

Christine – Is our super accountant who manages invoicing, reporting and cash flow.


Why choose Lease World

The answer to this question is easier shown with the following additional questions…


Lease World v New Car Dealer

Would a car dealer automatically give you the maximum discount they can on a new vehicle, without the need for you to haggle and barter?  No

Would a car dealer that sells for example VW tell you about great deals on a Seat, Audi or BMW? No

Would a car dealer have access to a whole host of funder’s ensuring that they are offering you the very best deal they can?  No, they would have just 1 or 2 funders at best.

Would a Vauxhall dealer help you with your next vehicle order if it was a Citroen?  No

In order to get you a better deal would a your local Mercedes dealer tell you about a another Mercedes dealership 200 miles away that has more discount to offer? No


Lease World v Leasing Company

Would a leasing company tell you that another leasing company can offer the same vehicle cheaper on finance than they can? No

Would a leasing company that specialise in a particular brand of vehicle say Volvo for example help you out if you wanted a Fiat?  No

Would a leasing company which deals with thousands and thousands of customers and which has hundreds of staff on the end of a multi choice answer machine system offer you one to one service from the same staff member each time you phone?  No

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Lease World is a dedicated family run credit broker business established in 1996 authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA].

Committed to offering the most competitive finance available in the UK and offering our customers current and potential the very best level of customer service at all times.

Specialising in both Business and Personal Car Lease and Van Lease – with over 25 years experience in the UK market, we are confident that we can offer a better price and service than your current vehicle provider.

We have literally hundreds of satisfied customers including private motorists, sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and PLC’s and we would be delighted to welcome you as our newest customer.

The best contacts with most major leasing companies and with all vehicle manufacturers of cars and vans and we enjoy the same vehicle discounts as the large corporate companies but as we are a small family run business, our overheads are very low and this reflects in the low lease rentals we are able to offer you.

Great offers on all new vehicles, cars and commercial (up to 3.5tonne). The lease deals we offer includes Free Delivery and Free Collection and Road Tax for the full lease period. Additional facilities are available, for example Full Maintenance packages, relief vehicle cover, extended warranties, etc – Please enquire when requesting quotations.

We offer a full range of flexible lease finance packages. The lease duration’s we offer tend to be from 24-48 months.  In addition we have a select range of short term lease deals and we also offer quality used cars for the bargain hunters.  Plus a small selection of bargain driving school cars.