Dacia Logan Stepway Leasing

  • 24 Month [6+23] £232.10 Exc Vat 24 Month [6+23] £278.52 Inc Vat 36 Month [6+35] £200.12 Exc Vat 36 Month [6+35] £240.14 Inc Vat 48 Month [6+47] £179.19 Exc Vat 48 Month [6+47] £215.03 Inc Vat
    • manual
    • Petrol
    • 5 Doors
    • 10,000 mpa
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  • 24 Month [6+23] £258.10 Exc Vat 24 Month [6+23] £309.72 Inc Vat 36 Month [6+35] £224.22 Exc Vat 36 Month [6+35] £269.06 Inc Vat 48 Month [6+47] £199.77 Exc Vat 48 Month [6+47] £239.72 Inc Vat
    • manual
    • Diesel
    • 5 Doors
    • 10,000 mpa
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  • Dacia Logan Stepway car lease deals

    What is Dacia Logan Stepway leasing?

    Not sure what Dacia Logan Stepway leasing is all about? We can help with our simple guides to leasing. Business Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Finance lease. With our selection of lease packages and fast finance decisions leasing a new Dacia Logan Stepway could not be easier. You could be driving your new estate in no time at all. Company car leasing of the Dacia Logan Stepway is available to any business subject to status.  This includes Plc, Ltd, partnerships, sole traders and registered charities. Certainly the most attractive form of new car finance is Contract hire.  Furthermore alternative finance methods are available if preferred.

    Private motorists wanting to benefit from superior car lease deals have a number of options.  Similarly we offer personal car leasing in the form of personal contract hire or personal contract purchase (pcp). Please note a few manufacturer rates are not the same for personal and business use. As a result UK car leasing is more popular each year.  More motorists move away from the belief of having to own their ride.  Instead they want the most cost effective way of enjoying a new car every few years. Lease customers benefit from a nice new car regularly with easy budgeting and worry free motoring.

    How does Dacia Logan Stepway lease work?

    The lease deals available on a new Dacia are usually from 24 to 48 months. If you need a shorter period we offer short term leasing over 12 and 18 months.New Dacia Logan Stepway delivery times vary subject to model, colour and cost options. If you need to lease a vehicle quick as lightning we firstly search the UK for a suitable vehicle from stock. Failing that we will seek an acceptable similar alternative. We appreciate that ordering a new vehicle online can be a bit daunting but there are many reasons why online is the easiest and most cost-effective way of driving a new vehicle. You can trust us. We pride ourselves on our insane customer feedback and loyal customer retention. You can read our real customer feedback on our website. Please see what our customers are saying about the great service we offer.

    Why lease a new Dacia Logan Stepway from us?

    We have been offering superior lease deals on new cars and commercials since we began trading in 1995. So, if you want to lease a new car we will ensure you get a great lease deal. lead where others follow when it comes to at offering superior car lease deals on all models of Dacia Logan Stepway. Firstly we order from the most successful Dacia dealerships. As a result you benefit from the biggest discounts available. Finally we then cross check with our selection of funders ensuring that our Dacia Logan Stepway rates are always competitive.We do not charge admin fees, documentation fees, handling fees, no anything fees. So what we quote you is what you pay. This excludes certain driving school leasing offers, short term leasing and cheap used car leasing deals.

    We offer both non maintenance and full maintenance car contracts on all Dacia Logan Stepway models excluding used cars.For all contract cars we always offer you the very best lease deals we have available.  Consequently we make the process as simple as possible. Free UK delivery is included with all our new Dacia cars as well as a full manufacturer warranty.  The warranty will include breakdown cover for at least the first year. Vehicle excise duty is included for the entire lease period apart from PCP, HP and Operating lease.

    How much does it cost to lease a new Dacia Logan Stepway?

    Prices vary widely depending on the exact Dacia model, lease duration, initial payment and payment profile, annual mileage and any cost options you would like on your new car. As a result we advise you request a written quotation online.Allow us to arrange the finance and delivery of your new Dacia Logan Stepway.  Above all we want the opportunity to save you money whilst providing an excellent level of service.

    What is an initial payment and lease payment profile?

    The most common payment profiles on new Dacia Logan Stepways are as follows:

    • [2 years] – 24 month lease payment profiles = 1+23, 3+23, 6+23, 9+23, 12+23
    • [3 years] – 36 month lease payment profiles = 1+35, 3+35, 6+35, 9+35, 12+35
    • [4 years] – 48 month lease payment profiles = 1+47, 3+47, 6+47, 9+47, 12+47

    No Deposit car leasing is available [subject to status]. You simply pay monthly in advance.


    Finally an interesting non Dacia Logan Stepway related fact:

    The average American spends about 38 hours per year stuck in traffic.

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