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Ford car and van leasing.  We bring you the best and cheapest new Ford car and van leasing deals that we can offer.

The most popular form of car and van finance for a new Ford is Contract Hire for company leasing and personal contract hire for private leasing and is also ideal for those opting out of the company car scheme.

We offer competitive car and van leasing deals from 24-48 months on all new Ford models.  The payment profiles we offer are very flexible and can include Zero deposit.  We can offer any annual mileage generally ranging from 5,000 per annum to a total contract of 160,000.

Always request a written quotation by using the “QUOTE ME” buttons next to each vehicle listing as rates change frequently.  This will ensure that we give you the best quote first time plus we sometimes have special offers that we do not advertise due to low volume that may be suitable.

Car and van lease rates will vary depending on the exact model of Ford required and any cost options that you might like, the term of the lease that you require, the annual mileage, initial payment or payment profile and what type of finance package.  For cheaper car and van leasing look at longer lease terms, higher initial payments and lower annual mileage.

The car and van lease offers on our website are updated regularly but are for guidance as prices can change several times during a week.  We ask that you find car and van model you would like lease prices for and request a written quotation.

Our aim is to supply the most competitive Ford leasing deals whilst offering the very best in customer service.  With Lease World we make the process of ordering a new car and van as simple and as stress-free as it should be.   For peace of mind please read what our customers say about us.

If you want to lease a new Ford we will do our best to get you the very best deal from the most successful dealerships and the finance prices from the most reputable funders.

You can find out more about these different forms of leasing by reading our simple guides to car and van leasing.

In 2016 Ford registered 117,208 cars, with a UK market share of 12.19 %.

Ford is the UK’s top-selling car brand, with nearly 800 dealers nationwide and a wide selection of family-oriented cars, ranging from the small Ka supermini to the Kuga SUV. All models score highly for reliability and build quality, and benefit from great handling, quality interiors, and hi-tech standard equipment lists.

If you would like to find out more details on each model that Ford produce and the detailed specifications and options that go with them, please visit

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Ford B-Max

Ford B-Max (29)

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Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max (38)

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Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport (11)

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Ford Edge

Ford Edge (18)

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Ford Edge Vignale

Ford Edge Vignale (2)

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Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta (135)

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Ford Fiesta Van

Ford Fiesta Van (7)

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Ford Focus

Ford Focus (41)

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Ford Focus Estate

Ford Focus Estate (84)

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Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy (17)

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Ford Grand C-Max

Ford Grand C-Max (30)

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Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect (7)

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Ford Ka

Ford Ka (4)

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Ford Ka Plus

Ford Ka Plus (7)

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Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga (45)

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Ford Kuga Vignale

Ford Kuga Vignale (12)

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Ford Mondeo Estate

Ford Mondeo Estate (53)

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Ford Mondeo Hatchback

Ford Mondeo Hatchback (44)

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Ford Mondeo Saloon

Ford Mondeo Saloon (3)

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Ford Mondeo Vignale Estate

Ford Mondeo Vignale Estate (8)

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Ford Mondeo Vignale Hatchback

Ford Mondeo Vignale Hatchback (18)

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Ford Mondeo Vignale Saloon

Ford Mondeo Vignale Saloon (9)

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Ford Mustang Convertible

Ford Mustang Convertible (8)

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Ford Mustang Fastback

Ford Mustang Fastback (8)

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Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger (18)

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Ford S-Max

Ford S-Max (27)

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Ford S-Max Vignale

Ford S-Max Vignale (5)

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Ford Tourneo Connect

Ford Tourneo Connect (10)

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Ford Tourneo Custom

Ford Tourneo Custom (21)

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Ford Transit

Ford Transit (92)

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Ford Transit Box Van

Ford Transit Box Van (8)

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Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect (32)

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Ford Transit Connect DCiV

Ford Transit Connect DCiV (10)

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Ford Transit Connect Kombi

Ford Transit Connect Kombi (1)

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Ford Transit Courier

Ford Transit Courier (12)

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Ford Transit Courier Kombi

Ford Transit Courier Kombi (2)

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Ford Transit Custom

Ford Transit Custom (140)

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Ford Transit Custom DCiV

Ford Transit Custom DCiV (45)

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Ford Transit Custom Kombi

Ford Transit Custom Kombi (42)

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Ford Transit DCiV

Ford Transit DCiV (40)

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Ford Transit Dropside (50)

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Ford Transit Luton

Ford Transit Luton (8)

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Ford Transit Minibus

Ford Transit Minibus (39)

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Ford Transit Tipper

Ford Transit Tipper (54)

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