cash for car allowance

Car for Car Allowance Leasing

If your company has offered you a cash for car allowance instead of a company car this means that they will be paying you an increased monthly salary instead of a company car leaving you to source your own vehicle and finance.

This is sometimes known as “opting out of the company car scheme“.

This can sometimes bring benefits as you will no longer have to pay company car tax, but instead will pay income tax on the additional salary. So dependent on your income tax bracket you could be better or worse off.

The most popular form of leasing for those who receive a cash for car allowance are Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

Please use our website as a guide as the majority of the deals you see advertised are the same price for both business and personal leasing – just add the vat.  There are a few car manufacturers that do not support personal leasing to the same extent as business customers and we can advise you the best route.

We are experts at arranging your new lease car. As you wont want to be lowering your current car status we will find the very best car you can get for the budget you have, taking into account the type of car you require and monthly budget.

Important factors will be whether you require a full maintenance leasing, where the service, maintenance and tyres are covered in the lease and what annual mileage you will be doing.

Whatever your budget please contact us and let us know what your requirements are and we will find you the best deal available to suit the type of vehicle you require, the annual mileage you need to be covered for and the level of worry free motoring you require.