When you arrange the insurance on your leased vehicle the insurer will want to know who is the registered owner and who is the registered keeper of the vehicle.

The answer to this question depends on the type of lease you have.

When you lease a vehicle, unless it is a lease where you retain the vehicle registration document [V5] such as an Operating Lease or a purchasing scheme such as Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) you do not receive the V5.

With an Operating lease the road tax is only included for the first year so you are responsible for future payments.  To enable this the funder will put the V5 into your name.  You will receive by post and so have ready for taxation.

Operating lease is very uncommon these days and this type of finance is only still available on Mercedes vehicles.

With a PCP you are both the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle.

In all other forms of leasing including the most popular Contract Hire the funder is the registered owner and the registered keeper.

They retain the V5 and they are the ones who receive your parking tickets, speeding fines, etc….  This doesn’t let you off the hook though – they will quickly forward these on to you for payment.

All apart from a couple insurance companies will offer you insurance on a lease vehicle.  The rate should not be any more than if you owned the vehicle yourself.  In fact if this is your first brand new vehicle you might be surprised to find that new car leasing is generally cheaper than used car leasing.

This means that you can take advantage of online insurance comparison sites.

The person leasing the vehicle and named drivers must have fully comprehensive insurance.

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