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Vauxhall Insignia Saloon Leasing & Contract Hire

Personal & Company leasing deals.
No setup fees, nought, none, nil, nada, zero, zilch, zip…
Free delivery to your home or place of work.
Full Vauxhall Insignia Saloon warranty including roadside assistance.
Road tax for the full lease period.
Zero deposit available on all Vauxhall Insignia Saloon’s [subject to status].
24,36 & 48 month standard leasing terms.
The annual mileage you need and flexibility to adjust.
The very best service from our family business.


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Vauxhall Insignia Saloon Lease

Vauxhall Insignia Saloon Lease Deals

The best Vauxhall Insignia Saloon leasing options
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24 Month [6+23] 36 Month [6+35] 48 Month [6+47]  
£118 £141.60 £94 £112.80 £86 £103.20 Free Quotation More Details
24 Month [6+23] £118Ex Vat £141.60Inc Vat 36 Month [6+35] £94Ex Vat £112.80Inc Vat 48 Month [6+47] £86Ex Vat £103.20Inc Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO