Mercedes Car Lease

Mercedes Car Lease

At Lease World we aim to bring you the best new Mercedes car lease deals and offers in the UK.

The most popular form of finance for a new Mercedes is Contract Hire for company car leasing and personal contract hire for personal car leasing and is also ideal for those opting out of the company car scheme.

We offer competitive car leasing deals from 24-48 months on all new Mercedes models.  The payment profiles we offer are very flexible and can include Zero deposit.  We can offer any annual mileage generally ranging from 5,000 per annum to a total contract of 160,000.

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Always request a free no-obligation online written Mercedes lease quotation by using the FREE QUOTATION button next to each vehicle listing as rates change frequently.  This will ensure that we give you the best quote first time plus we sometimes have special offers that we do not advertise due to low volume that may be suitable.  To adjust the rates offered by changing the lease duration and payment profile click the MORE DETAILS.  You can also apply online.

Mercedes lease rates will vary depending on:

  1. The Model
  2. Any Cost Options
  3. Type of finance
  4. Annual Mileage
  5. Lease Duration
  6. Payment Profile  

The lease offers on our website are updated regularly but are for guidance as prices can change several times during a week. 

Our aim is to supply the most competitive leasing deals whilst offering the very best in customer service.  Lease World make the process of ordering a new Mercedes simple.   For peace of mind please read what our customers say about us.

To ensure you get a great Mercedes lease deal we use fleet suppliers that offer the biggest discounts twinned with the finance and leasing companies that offer the best rental values.

You can find out more about these different forms of leasing by reading our simple leasing guides.

New Mercedes Lease Deals

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class (163)

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Mercedes AMG-GT

Mercedes AMG-GT (11)

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Mercedes B-Class

Mercedes B-Class (96)

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Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet (30)

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Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Mercedes C-Class Coupe (54)

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Mercedes C-Class Estate

Mercedes C-Class Estate (83)

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Mercedes C-Class Saloon

Mercedes C-Class Saloon (86)

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Mercedes Citan

Mercedes Citan (2)

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Mercedes CLA Coupe

Mercedes CLA Coupe (27)

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Mercedes CLA Estate

Mercedes CLA Estate (23)

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Mercedes CLS Coupe

Mercedes CLS Coupe (8)

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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake (7)

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Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet (13)

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Mercedes E-Class Estate

Mercedes E-Class Estate (33)

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Mercedes E-Class Saloon

Mercedes E-Class Saloon (41)

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Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-Class (2)

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Mercedes GLA

Mercedes GLA (82)

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Mercedes GLC

Mercedes GLC (35)

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Mercedes GLC Coupe

Mercedes GLC Coupe (26)

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Mercedes GLE

Mercedes GLE (20)

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Mercedes GLE Coupe

Mercedes GLE Coupe (10)

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Mercedes GLS

Mercedes GLS (3)

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Mercedes S-Class Saloon

Mercedes S-Class Saloon (21)

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Mercedes SL-Class

Mercedes SL-Class (6)

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Mercedes SLC-Class

Mercedes SLC-Class (6)

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Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter (1)

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Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes V-Class (16)

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Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito (1)

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