Toyota ProAce Lease

New Toyota ProAce leasing is available to any UK business including Plc’s, partnerships, sole traders and registered charities subject to status.  The most popular form of new van finance is Contract Hire however we can offer alternative finance methods if preferred.

If you are a private motorist wanting to benefit from great Toyota ProAce lease deals we can offer personal van leasing in the form of personal contract hire or personal contract purchase (pcp).  Please note that there is still the odd manufacturer who offers different subsidies depending on whether the vehicle is financed privately or through a business so always request a written quotation using the quote me buttons.

We offer our best leasing deals on all models of Toyota ProAce.  We order our new vans from suppliers known for their high level of customer service that offer the very best discount.   We then check with the most competitive of our large selection of finance companies for your model of choice ensuring that our lease quotations are always competitive. 

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Always request a free no-obligation online written Toyota ProAce lease quotation by using the FREE QUOTATION button next to each vehicle listing as rates change frequently.  This will ensure that we give you the best quote first time plus we sometimes have special offers that we do not advertise due to low volume that may be suitable.  To adjust the rates offered by changing the lease duration and payment profile click the MORE DETAILS.  You can also apply online.

Toyota ProAce lease rates will vary depending on:

The Model
Any Cost Options
Type of finance
Annual Mileage
Lease Duration
Payment Profile  
The lease offers on our website are updated regularly but are for guidance as prices can change several times during a week. 

Our aim is to supply the most competitive leasing deals whilst offering the very best in customer service.  Lease World make the process of ordering a new Toyota ProAce simple.   For peace of mind please read what our customers say about us.

To ensure you get a great Toyota ProAce lease deal we use fleet suppliers that offer the biggest discounts twinned with the finance and leasing companies that offer the best rental values.

You can find out more about these different forms of leasing by reading our simple leasing guides.

Van leasing has long been the most popular way of being able to drive a new van with minimal outlay and low affordable monthly payments.  The reason for this is that you are only paying the depreciation of the vehicle rather than financing the entire new van purchase price.    When you then take into account the massive discounts achieved by the finance companies due to their buying power and their expertise at disposing of the vehicle at the end of the lease the amount of depreciation is significantly reduced compared to what Joe Bloggs could ever achieve.  

The best van lease deals are usually the ones where the manufacturer has a large amount of stock to shift and are offering additional discounts and bonuses.  These van leasing special offer deals make both private and company van leasing even more attractive.  You can some of the best UK van leasing deals listed on our van leasing special offers section.

The lease deals on our website are for business customers however the vast majority can be used for personal van leasing as well.  There are a few manufacturers that do not offer the same level of discounts to private customers as they do to fleet customers.  We will of course guide you in this and advise what van leasing is most suitable for you.

We offer free nationwide delivery to your door anywhere in the UK, however there may be a small charge for delivery to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So whether you require personal or business Toyota ProAce leasing we are here to help.

The benefits of leasing a new Toyota ProAce 

Leasing a van can be a great option for people that cannot afford to purchase a vehicle outright. We take a look at a number of advantages that can make leasing a very attractive option.

The primary benefits of leasing include:

You can drive a van that might otherwise be out of your price range
Does not always require a large deposit or down payment
Monthly payments are lower than a conventional van purchase or hire purchase
In most cases you will not have to worry about road tax
Much lower running costs than other forms of buying
After the lease period you can exchange the van for a brand new vehicle or walk away.
Avoid depreciation costs
See below for more detail on why these could make leasing a Toyota ProAce the best option for you.

Van leasing does not always require a deposit or down payment as with Lease World we can offer a payment structure of one rental in advance (subject to status).  Many van leasing options only require minimal deposit and a much lower up-front cash payment is required than if a van were to be purchased outright. This can make it a more affordable option for a wider range of people.​

Because ownership of the Toyota ProAce does not pass to you during the lease period, the monthly payments are significantly lower than a conventional van purchase, usually by between 30% and 60%.

A fixed monthly payment amount will be agreed upon at the beginning of the contract term and most leasing periods last around two to four years – though other time frames can be arranged on Toyota ProAce’s in certain circumstances.  We have a selection of shorter 12 & 18 month term lease deals whilst some of our funders will offer a 60 month lease.  Thanks to the low cost fixed monthly payment schedule, you have the advantage of having more disposable income to spend in other areas plus the peace of mind of a fixed budget.

When leasing a Toyota ProAce, in many cases you will not have to worry about road tax and ensuring that you are up-to-date on payments, as it is usually covered in the agreement for the duration of the lease period. The only time that this is not the case is on a finance lease or an operating lease.  That’s added peace of mind.

Leasing provides much lower maintenance costs than other forms of buying. This is because the person leasing the van does not retain ownership, so general Toyota ProAce maintenance costs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period. If the van being leased requires servicing or repair, the costs will be covered; this usually includes tyre and exhaust replacement when you opt for a full maintenance lease.

After the lease period you will be able to exchange the van for a brand new vehicle. This means that you will be able to reap the advantages of having a new van on a regular basis, allowing you to get the maximum benefits of fuel economy, performance and safety. It also means that you will be able to avoid massive depreciation costs, as you do not own a vehicle that is likely to be rapidly losing value.

Another of the primary advantages of leasing is that you will be able to drive a van that would otherwise be out of your price range if it were to be purchased outright. For many, this is one of the biggest attractions of leasing a new Toyota ProAce.

At Lease World we can help answer your questions on both personal and corporate van leasing. With a full range of leasing options on almost all vans currently in the market, Lease World provides great cost and choice when looking to lease a Toyota ProAce.

Toyota ProAce Lease

Toyota ProAce Lease Deals

How much to lease a new Toyota ProAce ?
Always request an online lease quotation
24 Month [6+23] 36 Month [6+35] 48 Month [6+47]  
24 Month [6+23] £280.38Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £221.73Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £207.85Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £289.09Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £228.07Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £214.08Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £293.79Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £232.01Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £217.85Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £294.88Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £232.87Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £219.47Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £303.55Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £239.03Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £223.98Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £305.72Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £241.63Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £228.24Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £309.34Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £244.46Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £229.88Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £316.35Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £249.29Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £234.37Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £320.14Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £252.54Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £238.14Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £330.78Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £260.20Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £244.78Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO
24 Month [6+23] £362.05Ex Vat 36 Month [6+35] £283Ex Vat 48 Month [6+47] £264.43Ex Vat QUOTE ME MORE INFO