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Used Car Warranty

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Warrantywise Used Car Warranty available from Lease World


What makes the used car warranty we offer the best in the UK?


  • Highest Level Used Car Warranty Cover in the UK
  • No Insurance Premium Tax
  • Parts are Replaced in Pairs where Recommended
  • No Forced Contribution to Pay on Repairs
  • All Plans include Roadside Assistance and Recovery from the AA
  • Cover Starts from Day 1
  • Quicker Payout than any other Warranty Firm
  • Failure Due to Wear & Tear Available at No Extra Cost
Used Car Warranty Details from Lease World

Used car Superstar Quentin Wilson explains why we offer the highest level of used car warranty protection – bar none!

  1. We cover more parts of your car! We constantly check our repairs statistics to make sure you are covered for the parts which regularly go wrong with each make and model – unlike other companies who remove such parts from their lists so they ca avoid common repairs.  Our plans also cover the Clutch Pressure Plate, Release Bearing, Drive Plate, Traction Control, ABS, Power Steering and Turbo Chargers against sudden failure.  These are the expensive parts most other used car warranty providers leave out.
  2. We replace parts in pairs!  For example, when a Shock Absorber or Spring fails, we automatically pay for both sides to be replaced, which is the safest and best way! These parts are usually supplied and fitted in pairs, but other warranty companies will only pay for one item.
  3. Recovery and Roadside Assistance is included in every plan!  All of our plans come with Roadside Assistance and Recovery (administered by the Automobile Association) as standard.  So you can rely on the UK’s No.1 recovery service.
  4. Car hire with every warranty plan too!  Should you find yourself without a car whilst your vehicle is undergoing authorised repairs, car hire is available for added peace of mind.
  5. We have no BETTERMENT clause!  This means that we always pay 100% of valid repairs.  Other warranty companies may not pay out if they decide a new part would be making your car “better” than it was before your warranty cover commenced.
  6. We cover CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE as standard!  Even if the part that fails isn’t covered by the warranty, we would still cover any damage that occurred to the other parts affected.  No one offers more protection!
  7. Our protection starts from Day 1!  Sounds silly, but one of the largest warranty firms makes customers wait 90 days before they can claim, so you’re essentially buying 9 months warranty for the price of 12!  We cover you from day 1 for any sudden breakdown and from 30 days and 1000 miles for any breakdown caused by Wear & Tear.
  8. We pay out weekly, every Wednesday in fact!  No need to wait months for payment.
  9. Emergency Repairs Procedure!  Not only are you covered for breakdowns in the UK but you are also covered for emergency breakdowns within Europe.  Not all warranty companies think like that!
  10. If you are ever disappointed you can contact me, Quentin Wilson, directly!  I will personally investigate anything that you are unhappy with, at the end of the day it’s my reputation on the line.  You’ll find my email address in the plan book when yu buy a Warrantywise warranty!  Rest assured your car will be in safe hands.
Used car warranty from Quentin Wilson's Warrantywise